The IntegratE Project

About Us

The IntegratE project is a proof-of-concept that community pharmacists (CPs) and Patent and proprietary medicine vendors (PPMVs) can provide a wider range of Family planning and Primary Health care services than they are currently authorized to provide.

Our Work Streams

We deploy these work streams in integrating FP & PHC services expansion in CPs and PPMVs,
the first point of call for the lowest wealth quintiles

Creating an enabling supportive operating environment for CPs and PPMVs to provide family planning services

Strengthening the quality of service delivery by CPs and PPMVs

Implementing Research Agenda to inform policy and programs

“We never lose sight of the women, girls, boys and men for whom we exist. They are the reason we work every day with others of like minds… to facilitate a truly people-centred integrated health system.”